CASE Tools Analysis

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CASE Tools Analysis

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For any good software to be developed there must be a proper arrangement and plan on the strategy and the factors to consider while developing the software. The choice of the tools to use in the engineering of any software may vary from one developer to another considering the needs, size and functionality of the system that is to be developed. One of the main approaches to software engineering that is both effective and reliable is the use of CASE tools. The CASE tools are a short form of the Computer Aided Software Engineering tools as the name implies they are computer-based system or program to help the software engineer in system development life cycle process through an effective communication with the users and other software development team. The use of Case tools by the organization will help in integration of the process done during the phases of software development and will ensure correct assessment of the effects and cost of any changes conducted to the system hence estimation of maintenance cost. The CASE tools will ensure that in any software engineering process, there is a systematic procedure that will ensure the quality of the developed software. The quality of any software is one of the main concerns that faces any developer. For any software to pass the quality test, it must achieve its development purpose. The CASE tools ensure that there is a development platform for quality software solutions.
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