Case Study Part II

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Case Study Part II

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Family Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities
Case 2: Mrs. C., Family Needs, Roles, and Responsibilities
The case involves Mrs. C who is old and sick. She cannot get out of bed or do anything and has a loose blander. Mrs. C stays with her husband although she has two married daughters. One of the daughters stays near the parents while the other stays far from the parents.
Question 1. What burdens will this place of her husband?
The burden of Mrs. C’s husband will be physical, psychological and financial support to the wife. The husband will be committed to looking for and administering food to Mrs. C since she cannot feed herself. The husband will also be engaged in keeping the wife clean including her body and clothes. Also, everything that the wife needs from medical expenses to food will be provided by the husband leading to a financial burden. The husband will also have a psychological burden of coping with his loved one (Drench et al., 2012).
Question 2. On her daughter who lives nearby?
The daughter living nearby will have the burden of taking care of her mother. She will need to leave her family to help her father take care of the mother. She will also be affected psychologically because of her connection with mother. The daughter will also have stress on the burden her father has in taking care of the father in addition to the financial burden
Question 3. On her daughter who lives far away?
The daughter who is away will have worries on…

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