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Case Study on Fashion Channel
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While television channels are often the foundation of advertisement and promotion for other businesses, they can also benefit from the promotion because they are business and profit oriented. The profit margins for television channels rely on the number of audiences that the channels succeed in reaching. In most cases, the viewership is a select niche with specific information and entertainment needs. In the case of the Fashion Channel, the entertainment needs of the audience include news on the latest fashion trends and information. The audience who are women are in different age categories with varying fashion needs that inform their trend awareness, shopping and fashion focus, thus the need to tailor the channel production to meet the needs. The challenge of meeting the consumer needs thus lies with the employees who are under the leadership of Dana Wheeler who has to consolidate the business and entertainment facets of the Fashion Channel.
Keywords: Fashion, Entertainment, Trends, audience, Channel

Case Study on Fashion Channel
Question 1
From the background of The Fashion Channel (TFC) along with its former marketing initiatives, my interpretation for consumer and market data would take the angle of targeted marketing and its impact on the viewership of the channel. My conclusion would, therefore, be that the channel was failing on utilizing the benefit of marketing to a target group and…

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