Case Study of Lowe’s Inc 2013

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Case Study of Lowe’s Inc 2013

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Case Study of Lowe’s Inc 2013
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Case Study of Lowe’s Inc. 2013
Strategy Lowe’s Companies Inc. Plan
Forward Integration Forward integration happens when a company takes control of its supply chain. Lowe’s supplies 120 stores through 14 distribution centers. Also, Lowe’s supply chain finance program gives them a competitive advantage over their rivals.
Backward Integration Backward integration refers to a case when a company purchases its suppliers. Lowe’s acquired some of the Orchard’s suppliers.
Horizontal Integration Horizontal integration occurs when a company acquires another business at the same level of the supply chain. Lowe’s acquired the Orchard Supply Hardware including at least 60 Orchard’s stores.
Market Penetration Market penetration refers to the case where a company employs strategies to expand the customer’s base for a specific product. Upon acquisition of the Orchard Stores, there is an increase in Lowe’s sales revenue to $50.5 billion
Market Development Market development occurs when a company targets new customer’s segments. Despite being headquartered at North Carolina, Lowe’s operates a total of 1,745 stores across USA, Canada, and Mexico.
Product Development Product development refers to a case where a company modifies the existing products or creates new products to provide additional benefits to the customer segments. Other than hardware appliances, Lowe’s offers othe…

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