Case study of a french speaker learning english

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Case study of a french speaker learning english

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Learning English

Second language acquisition has been a welcome activity in recent years. With the emergence of social media platforms and a generation of people who do not want to limit their chances in the job market, learning a foreign language is paramount. The following essay examines the challenges experienced by a French woman when learning to communicate in English. Therefore, this essay will look at how learning a second language is not easy. The person being considered is Camille since her native language French and her acquired language English belong to different language families. While the two languages have a considerable number of speakers, both posse difficulties especially because they belong to different language families, the methods used include researching the rules of grammar, and weighing the learner’s level according to the Wida Can Do Key Uses. Results show that although the student has progressed in the basic sentence formations, she still requires some improvement to make her sentences grammatically correct.

Camille is a fourteen-year-old French girl who has been learning English for some time. She intends to create an account on YouTube where she can interact with native English speakers and exchange knowledge on language and French culture. However, she is yet to master the proficiency in communicating in English, and she hopes to learn from the people who will visit her account.

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