Case Study: Arup Packaging Limited

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Case Study: Arup Packaging Limited

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Employees are the most important people in any organization, and therefore it is crucial for employers to invest in recruitment and selection. This is an effort to make sure that they have hired the right candidate for the position. Recruiters have many ways to decide on the selection process concerning the kind of candidates they want. In Arup Packaging Limited they want to recruit young people from the ages of 18-24 years, and therefore they will have to find ways in which they can reach them. The managers have also agreed to change the criteria they use and go with personal qualities and general knowledge. Due to the vast number of employees and the little time to recruit the best selection methods would be face-to-face meetings and preliminary screening. Additionally, it is important to note that to attract more recruits the company would have to offer incentives and benefits. This paper seeks to discuss the recruitment and selection process of Arup Packaging Limited while providing suggestions on the most suitable incentives and benefits to offer candidates.

When recruiting candidates between the ages of 18-24 years, the average recruitments methods are seen as stale and therefore the hirer should come up with fun ways of hiring (Nguyen, 2012, 1). Unusual forms of recruitment are not new in the business world, and employees who are hired through these processes have turned out to be unique and enthused about their jobs from day one. The hirers need to understand that f…

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