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case study 4

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Case Analysis
The case is about the building department of a big city concerning insufficient funds. Apparently, the town has not been intelligent enough to employ an adequate number of competent engineers to inspect the built structures. The case describes a female engineer who sets up a meeting with the city manager to discuss matters concerning inspection of the buildings under construction. Noteworthy, Ada is afterward hired by the city manager after agreeing to conduct the inspections under the older rules which involve less rigid enforcement (Kohlberg, 1971).
In this case, the ethical issue is about the employment of an engineer (Ada) on the basis that she agrees to involve less rigid enforcement while performing his duties. Despite the fact that the city seeks to encourage more buildings to conduct business and increase the number of employees in the city, the life of the people living in those building is in great danger. The case is based on the fourth stage of Kohlberg moral development since Ada obeyed unlawful orders from the city manager with the aim of maintaining society functionality (Kohlberg, 1971). This way, both agents are morally wrong as they violate the current laws of conducting building inspections while aiming to satisfy the society needs.
In my viewpoint perspective, the aspect of conducting inspections with fewer enforcement requirements put everyone in the city into great dange…

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