Case study 3

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Case study 3

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Tia potentially possesses credibility since she reveals that she does not have considerable firsthand experience, but has been participating as a volunteer in some of her local Chamber of Commerce events. Tia also displays her potential credibility by revealing how knowledgeable she is about the Prestigio, which makes it easy for the interviewer (Kip Yamada) to believe her (Case-Study-2). Furthermore, Tia is potentially competent as she expresses a desire to be among those who help others become professionals, as well as a proper understanding of marketing strategies for meetings. Tia is also potentially caring by first revealing during the interview that she has been volunteering in some events for two years and second, that she always shows commitment in learning and sharing with other people (Case-Study-2). Moreover, she has some element of character as she believes that there is nothing like having a hard time with someone and that people need to be flexible and focus on more significant issues (Case-Study-2).

However, Tia may lack credibility and competence because she makes it hard for Kip to believe that she never finds it difficult to deal with people and that she may not always meet deadlines, respectively. Tia also possibly lacks the elements of caring and character as she insists that people need to be flexible, irrespective of their state and that she at times misses deadlines, respectively (Case-Study-2).
Task 2:

Tia can gain credibility among her fellow worker…

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