Case: In Need of Improvement?

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Case: In Need of Improvement?

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Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study
Dealing with health and healthcare disparities needs a full involvement of different organizations. The organizations should have an existing infrastructure for quality measurement and improvement. For a healthcare institution to create an efficiently running staff, information is important. Additionally, teamwork is essential in forming a motivated and productive working environment. The nurses need to work well among themselves and with the physicians. Therefore, to have an efficient staff, there are certainly important steps that have to be addressed.
One of the many important issues to address is collecting information. Information gathering covers a wide range. First, the staff availability and skills need to be on the record. This helps in determining the duties that can be assigned to them and at what time. Once the information is gathered, it would be easier for the administrative staff to give assignments. For instance, there should be those who deal with the storage and safety of the drugs and other disposables. Once assignments are delegated, the staff should give the information on which equipment is regularly used. This will prevent the problem of stocking unnecessary equipment in the stores. With such kind information, it would be easier for the administration to determine why there is more use of the disposables.
The next step would be to reduce the amount of the unnecessary equipme…

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