Case Analysis on AmorePacific: From Local to Global Beauty

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Case Analysis on AmorePacific: From Local to Global Beauty

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Case Analysis on “AmorePacific: From Local to Global Beauty”
Since its establishment in 1945, AmorePacific has continued to enjoy progressive growth both in local and global cosmetic industries. However, the increase has been subject to market challenges and the diversification of consumers of beauty products. Consequently, AmorePacific had to undergo various changes and strengthening of its capabilities to achieve significant performance in the global market and become a world’s leader in the cosmetic industry. The company capitalized in adjusting to the market conditions as well as adopting new strategies in marketing, operations and distribution channels.
Some factors characterize the Global beauty industry. First, it is highly competitive in the aspects of geography and products segments. In a general perspective, the competition is due to the presence of regional market players with Europe having the most extensive market coverage of 41 percent, while the Asia Pacific and the USA covers 27 and 22 percentage respectively (Ghemawat, Carin-Isabel, and David 2). Within the industry, the beauty products are divided into various categories including toiletries, fragrances, oral care, and skin care products, with different players dominating in different segments. One key driver for success in a highly competitive market is differentiation of products. AmorePacific differentiated their products efficiently to ensure…

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