Cartoon History on Revolution

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Cartoon History on Revolution

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Cartoon History on Revolution

Cartoon History on Revolution
Political cartoon has been influential in the American politics for a long time. Since the beginning of the different political landscapes in America and other parts of the world, cartoons have been widely used (Barillé, 2016). They have been applied in paying attention and poking fun at the wide affairs more especially those which affect the poor or marginalized people. In the earlier centuries before the introduction of the Televisions, colonial people used cartoons to express their ideas through drawings and sometimes they were posted in various newspapers. The videos show that the history of cartoons in the modern world helps in providing the large reflection of the past occurrences in the world politics. The ideas and information that is carried in the cartoon videos clearly indicate the various caused of the world revolutions such as the American Revolution and the French revolution. The cartoons in the videos indicate several causes of the revolutions at the current time such as grievances and continued marginalization of the poor people from the countries’ politics and economic potentials.
The cartoons by nature were designed to present the indirect message of increasing political, economic and social discontent through video plays. Though seemed to be designed for the interest of the children, the cartoons carry an indirect message for the elders more especially the leaders …

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