Caring (name of the Book) By Nel Noddings

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Caring (name of the Book) By Nel Noddings

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Caring by Nel Noddings
In her work Caring, a Feminine Approach to Ethics and Moral Education, Nel Noddings, 1984, disputes the existence of any system that examines the requirements for caring. She does not believe in a systematic examination of the requirements of caring. Her argument that caring is more of the feminine ethics than the masculine ethics is based on the fact that mothers have stronger feelings than the fathers who believe in justice and fairness (Noddings). On the other hand, the feminine ethics are based on the responsiveness, relatedness, and receptivity. It is, however, important to note that despite the fact that Noddings associated the act of caring to be feminine. She does not imply that only mothers can care or that the mother has a monopoly on the aspect, but for a long time, it has been perceived to be a role of mothers.
Nel Noddings’ way of approach to care ethics has been considered as relational ethics as it prioritizes relationships concerns. She believes that approaches based on justice which happen to be more masculine are good ethics of care alternatives. She, however, believes that caring is a more preferable ethics approach as it is rooted in receptivity, relatedness as well as responsiveness (Noddings, 2).
According to Noddings, the person caring should show some form of engrossment and motivational displacement while the one receiving the care should respond in some way too (Noddings, 12). Engrossment in…

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