Caring in nursing

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Caring in nursing

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Caring in nursing
Artistic representation analysis
The poem begins with a sad tone of someone who is gravely ill with cancer. The first stanza depicts a hopeless person who is full of regret as he lies on a hospital bed. The poem goes on to show the concern of a nurse called Diana who is initially viewed in a negative light by the patient. This is dislike is emphasized right from the poem’s title, “Despicable Diana. “The patient is sarcastic in his replies to the nurse’s good intentioned inquiries. This does not, however, dishearten Diana as she goes about her duties of ensuring his well-being.
Although she is mindful of the pain that the patient goes through, she is keen to see the drugs administered. Some don’t cause more harm to his recovery. As a result of this, the patient considers her a sadist, calling her a “death monger.” However, the patient reluctantly follows her directives, the results of which eventually turn out positive. He not only makes a full recovery, but he also retains his sense of humor to the extent of joking about smoking, the cause of his illness.
His perception of her changes radically at the end when he suggests that she is his ultimate guardian angel. According to him, she is the sole reason as to why he enjoys an extra fifty years after surviving a battle with cancer. In the end, he is left with nostalgic feelings of the nurse as though he was greatly indebted to him. He now f…

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