Career planning (diesal mechanic)

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Career planning (diesal mechanic)

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As a diesel mechanic, I wish to develop a career dealing with diesel engines. I have always had a great fascination with machines especially how they work and how they help people by making work easy. I am more fascinated by what most people term as what is under the hood. A diesel mechanic deals with engines which can be found in trucks, buses, construction machines and many other mechanical devices (Advanced Technology Institute, 2015). It is a career that deals with their repair and inspection. Aside from the element of mechanical engineering aspect associated with designing and creating such machines, a diesel mechanic deals with maintaining them to ensure that they run for as long as possible.
My fascination with machines developed as a child. It came as a result to the regular visit to the mechanic workshop when our truck had problems, and after some time it got better. It was more or less the same as a person going to the doctor when sick and getting better after being treated.
I understand that it is a career that is physically demanding but in the world of today, there are sophisticated tools and technology that can be used to alleviate the physical aspects of the job. A career as a diesel mechanic is broad, and I will, therefore, need a better understanding of electrical system because most machines today operate through electricity (Advanced Technology Institute, 2015). Another important skill that I will need to learn is exc…

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