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Becoming a Veterinarian
A veterinarian also referred to as a vet, is a professional who is licensed to practice veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine involves treating diseases, injuries and disorders in non-human animals. Veterinary medicine originated from France as the first college was in Lyon and was 1762. This followed the observation by Bourget on the devastation that was caused to cattle by the cattle plague. Bourget found it right to dedicate his time to find the cure for the disease. Afterward, it became a profession taught in institutions of higher learning.As stated by Guardabassi and Prescott, it is required that every veterinarian should have a significant level of formal education. Above all, the veterinarian should have a passion for animals. Most of the work of a vet rotates around animals and therefore, it is important that the vet show some passion and interest in animals. Veterinarians are trained to handle various cases of animal medicine, animal surgery, and animal behavior. People who graduate from various veterinary programs can either specialize in providing care for small animals such as dogs and cats, or large animals such as a horse (361-376).It is expected that career in the field of veterinary medicine will grow exponentially in the coming years. This is due to the growing pet industry around the world. Veterinarians are supposed to complete a program in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). This program takes …

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