Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist

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Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist

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Career Goal as a Physical Therapy Specialist.
Position Applying For Master in Physical Therapy Physical Medicine.
Career Objective: To become a distinguished and notable master clinician and an astute academician in my domain of practice. I want to make a significant improvement in the quality of care to my patients, and joining the world leaders in my domain, for rehabilitating the patients successfully. I would also like to disseminate knowledge to my team and subordinates in order to ensure patient-centric care. The change that I will bring in the quality of life of my patients will proudly help me one day to say within myself Vedi, Vini and Vici which means I came, I saw and I conquered.
Present Responsibilities: I am employed as a volunteer in the Geriatric care centre in New York City. My job responsibility includes teaching, volunteering and research on aspects of Physical therapy and medicine. I have taken such responsibilities to pursue my dream, and also from an economical aspect. Since, New York is costly, and I belong to an African background, where I have very little family support for my studies. Hence, I need to slog and make a balance between job and studies.
Academic Qualifications: Bachelor in Physical Therapy with 2:1 standard.
Key Skills: Dedicated, Committed, Innovative & Team Working with situational leadership skills.
Career Goals
Mission Statement
The scholarship will help me to achieve my objective of orienting myself with the most current and mos…

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