Carbon Footprint and the Future

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Carbon Footprint and the Future

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Carbon Footprint and The Future
A decade after decade passes, the world continues to be affected by the detrimental effects of the carbon emitted by the escalating industrialization of the world. Carbon footprint is pivotal in future planning considering the deplorable consequences of greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore essential for people to know their carbon footprint and work towards reducing it and finding alternate and effective ways to prevent excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Besides comprehending and understanding the people’s carbon footprint, they need to embark on a journey of sacrifice, as in on their interests, to seek alternate ways like recycling, buying greener energy, using alternative transportation methods, reforestation and checking on our diets. This essay proposes ways through which individuals will be made cognizant of their carbon footprint to embark and team to work towards a greener world while committing towards minimizing the greenhouse effect.
Keywords: Recycling, Reforestation, Greener energy, Alternative transport methods.

My final carbon print was 38 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which ranked as 5% better than the average households at my home place (Free Carbon Calculator, 2018). It is ideally quite huge (not as expected), but to some extent, it is justified because of the large house. Most of the greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy sources we use at home, among them, natural gas, charco…

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