Carbon footprint and banking

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Carbon footprint and banking

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Carbon footprint and banking

Environmental conservation is a very important aspect to which most nations in the current past have seen the urgency of creating reliable strategies that will ensure that the environment is conserved. This process of conserving the environment is a result of particular reasons; this may be the adverse effects that resulted due to an improper conservation of the environment, the need to have a clean air free from toxins is another reason the environment would be conserved.

In this essay, the most key environmental conservation measure is the reduction and control of carbon emission into the atmosphere. Carbon (IV) Oxide is the majorly emitted industrial gas, the emission gases causes diverse effects to not only the air but also the global climate (Joyce). It is, therefore, important for responsible global regulators of Carbon emission to ensure that the level of carbon emission in the atmosphere is regulated to ensure that global warming and its effects are regulated.
Carbon banking is the finance platform to which the world created so that countries and companies that are high emitters of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases contribute a particular amount of money as incentives to combat global warming effects. The contributions also act as compensation to low income countries that have been adversely affected by global warming effects such as drought, flash floods, typhoons and famine (Gabriele and Matthew).

The money contributed by thes…

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