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Indeed, Capsim is one of the best establishment in the business simulation technology sector. Through the simulation tasks by Capsim, there is a lot of information that a person learns and understands concerning the assessment of business acumen and the entire industry. The Capsim simulation was relatively beneficial to me since I was able to get deeper insights into the skills and knowledge requirements in the business sector. From the simulation, I learned about the importance of sale forecasting in business. Sales forecasting is important for planning purpose in a business, to access the demand of the commodities, inventory controls, financial planning, internal controls, price stability, supply chain management, and for marketing purposes. In this case, the Capsim simulation technology helped me learn about the financial management importance of sales forecasting. In the simulation process, our group had to take emergency loans in most cases to bail us out of financial crisis to proceed with the business simulation activities. Through this, I learned the importance of performing sales forecasting conservatively to avoid such scenarios whereby I would be forced to undertake emergency loans.
In conclusion, the Capsim business simulation technology has been of significant help towards our efforts to understand the basics, skills, and knowledge requirements in the business sector. The Capsim busin…

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