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Capitalism final

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Capitalism and the Oppression of women of color
Capitalism in the United States has caused racism, especially against the black community. It created a situation that deprived the blacks’ employment and exposing them to poor working conditions, therefore, destroying their will to resist subjugation. The black women failed to understand the manipulation by the capitalists and believed that their men were not working hard enough thus destroying their relationships. America had reduced black women into sexual objects and manhood as the ability to fully provide for one’s family. However, most black women work for money. The black people have been fighting for justice and leadership.
Black women have been economically, physically and socially abused over time. They are however powerless to reverse these abusive events by the whites. They are thrilled by the rise of black men to power after years of enslavement. Some people are wrong for trying to convince black women to go back to being submissive housewives (Beale, 481). Unfortunately, some black women believe this. To share common bonds, white people have to understand the struggle of the black people.
A large group of Chicanas met in 1971 to discuss liberation for Raza women (Mirta, 484). Freedom to abort and birth control was the major resolutions arrived at. Their struggle and achievements are the inspiration for the oppressed. Unlike the women in America, these women were biased both …

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