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Cancer revised

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Lung Cancer- Large-Cell Carcinoma (LCC )

TOC o “1-3” h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc504198566 h 3INTRODUCTION PAGEREF _Toc504198567 h 4Background data PAGEREF _Toc504198568 h 4BODY PAGEREF _Toc504198569 h 6Getting cancer. PAGEREF _Toc504198570 h 6Morbidity Rates Related to Cancer PAGEREF _Toc504198571 h 7Problem PAGEREF _Toc504198572 h 8Lung Cancer PAGEREF _Toc504198573 h 9Primary Lung Cancer PAGEREF _Toc504198574 h 9Large-cell carcinoma (LCC) PAGEREF _Toc504198575 h 10Diagnosis PAGEREF _Toc504198576 h 12Patterns of Large-cell carcinoma PAGEREF _Toc504198577 h 12CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc504198578 h 13Hypothesis PAGEREF _Toc504198579 h 13Discussion PAGEREF _Toc504198580 h 13Data Gaps and Future Research PAGEREF _Toc504198581 h 17References PAGEREF _Toc504198582 h 19
AbstractThis paper depicts a clear understanding of the formation of cancerous cells and their general significance in the society. The different types of cancerous cell and their formation are further analyzed and the respective factors that predispose people to these cells also highlighted. It narrows down to Large-cell carcinoma which is an example of the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Creates an understanding of the major epidemiology and demographic factors influencing identification, treatment and management of the disease. It also highlights why the disease is termed as a global epidemic. The paper further examines the trends in relation to medical practice in relation to Large-c…

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