Cancer Genes Causing

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Cancer Genes Causing

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Cancer is by itself a disease of cells or disease where the growth of cells is uncontrollable. Most groups of genes causing cancer are:
Tumor suppressor genes, they are protective genes by limiting the growth, and as tumor suppressor mutates, cells do grow uncontrollably thus forming a tumor, and examples of such genes are p53, BRCA1. Oncogenes, they change healthy cells into a cancerous cell, such genes are HER2 and the RAS family. Also, the DNA repair genes, these do fix mistakes that are made while DNA is being copied, they include BRCA2. Mutation in cancer includes an acquired mutation in which it occurs during damage to genes in a specific cell while gremlin mutations do occur in sperm or egg cell. It is inherited cancer. Also, point mutation resulting in a change in one base in the DNA sequence. There is Copy number variation (CNV) in which chunks of the DNA are repeated, inserted or lost.
HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2)
In most healthy breast cell HER2 do perform the function for growing more cells and repairing the damaged ones. It is a gene which creates HER2 proteins. HER2 is a gene that do mostly play a role in the development of breast cancer (Miller et al, 1981). These genes do make HER2 proteins which are receptors on the breast cells. When HER2 genes do not function in the right manner and multiplies (HER2 gene amplification), this results in reaction of the breast cells by making HER2 rece…

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