Can engineers be taught creativity?

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Can engineers be taught creativity?

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Can Engineers be Taught Creativity?
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Can Engineers be Taught Creativity?
Human mind wields tremendous power in changing the very course of history. In this regards, creative thinking and creativity possess tremendous potential to help humans achieving that. For engineers, creativity is the key to unraveling the very solutions of complex and complicated issues as part of designing and innovation. The final result of creativity is quite commonly in the form of different innovative designs and scientific breakthroughs that were considered impossible decades ago. This paper will look at different aspects of creativity and its importance in the lives of engineers.
At first creativity was considered to be considered within artistic domains of application and a part of arts as de Sousa (2008) has described it as the elusive construct. However, it has changed tremendously around five decades ago when the Soviet Union has introduced Sputnik I as part of their space mission in 1957. Kazerounian and Foley (2007) have described creativity as “prerequisite in any ingenious design” that has brought about different constructive changes thereby shaping the very face of today’s modernized world. The developed achievements are because of an amalgamation of national sciences and mathematics converging with critical thinking and creativity. In science and engineering domain, the understanding of economics …

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