Campaign politic

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Campaign politic

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Daniel Armand
Campaign Placement: Bob Hugin Senate Campaign
Supervisor: Sean McLaughlin
Work Hours:
Campaign Politics
The campaign team continues to give me more responsibilities as we are in the final days to the election. In addition to the desk duties such as making phone calls to voters and stamping postcards before they are mailed, I have been assigned field duties that started with canvassing with the aim of increasing the voter base. In the past week, the campaign team took another step in its bid to increase Bob Hugin’s support. This time I was assigned with the task of putting up Bob Hugin signs in Democrat neighborhoods. It is imperative to remember that Bob Hugin is a Republican. It is my personal view that he stands for a noble cause (better immigration policies and wrongful deportation). It is important that those not supporting him get a chance to know about his views and it is possible that they may shift their support to Bob Hugin.
Current polls show that Bob Hugin is nipping at the heels of his opponent Democrat and incumbent Bob Menendez. Currently, Hugin is within two points of Menendez. It is possible that the canvassing efforts and putting up posters in Democrat strongholds has helped Hugin bridge the gap in the polls. The team continues to campaign tirelessly to ensure Hugin is voted in come election day.
Developing people skills such as communication, persistence, and perseverance is an important personal learning objective. Tasks such as ca…

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