California Gold Rush

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California Gold Rush

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In The Californian Gold Rush, Caughey & Walton (2012), Argue that the gold rush in California commenced after the discovery of nuggets of gold in Sacramento Valley early in 1848. (36). James W. Marshall, who was constructing a saw mill for John Sutter, is accredited with this magnificent discovery that brought a lot of changes to the Gold mining prospects. Rivera & Sheila (2013) Asserts that it attracted thousands of prospective miner who traveled both by air, road and sea. This leads to a huge influx of people within and around California. There was a total of $1 Billion worth of gold in California State that was later extracted in 1852. (31). January 24, 1848, marked the beginning of California’s Gold Rush. During this period, the population of California had increased magnificently and also contributed towards the end of the American war.
Gold rush in California
Rivera & Sheila (2013) asserts that James Marshall at first tried to keep his secret of discovering Gold in California a secret but the Joy was too big for him because of Sutter’s laborers who worked with James Marshall at the Saw Mill. Adventures had several miles of trips to the fort and came out with samples of gold dust that led to the realization of Sutter’s fortunes. It was a great distress that had befallen Sutter only that he could not do anything (56).
Rivera & Sheila (2013) notes that as everybody rushed to California to d…

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