Business Torts and Intellectual Property

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Business Torts and Intellectual Property

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Business Torts and Intellectual Property
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Business Torts and Intellectual Property
The term intellectual property can be termed as a creation of human mind. It is always intangible though it can be classified as a form of artwork or literature. It has many types which include, design rights, trade secrets and patents and are fundamental to a company since they provide competitiveness. Regarding the business thought we would have a discussion basing on the question which is given below.
“Sam is an employee of ABC Paper Corp. He signed a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of his employment with ABC. Sam is approached by XYZ Paper Co. with an offer of employment, but only if he brings his client list with him. Sam was fully responsible for creating his client list, so he agrees to provide it to XYZ. When Sam downloads his client list onto an external flash drive, he is caught in the act by his boss Natalie. Sam grabs the flash drive and runs out of his office, shoving Natalie aside when she attempts to stop him. Natalie falls and hits her head on the doorknob, suffering a concussion.”
Identify if there is intellectual property at issue here. If so, what type?
Trade secrets are the most valuable asset in any business across the world. Always a trade secret is composed of any information that makes a company have competitive a competitive edge compared to other companies which are competing together, such as the list of cli…

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