Business Studies 3

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Business Studies 3

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Business ideas are the core aspect for entrepreneurs. The plans can be generated from personal experience or issues such as talent. The government can provide incentives to the business starters thus aiding in business continuity.

3. Describe the benefits that come from a government that supports small businesses with resources and information. Be sure to include benefits that come to individuals and local communities, as well as to the small businesses. What are the negative consequences that occur when a government does not support small businesses?

The government plays a critical role in supporting small businesses. The government provides loan grants to entrepreneurs to enable start up a business enterprise. However, the government can create a market for the products to the small businesses. Provision of tenders is evident practice for the government support to small businesses.

Business training is an approach that the government utilizes to help small business owners. The individuals receive adequate skills in business management as well as risk assessment. The benefits of government support are critical in enhancing business continuity and service delivery. However, the enterprise can lead to the creation of employment for individuals in the community.

Lack of government support to the small businesses results affects the business operations. The enterprise can collapse due to lack of support and cause unemployment to individuals. However, it can lead …

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