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Business SoP Revised

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Business Statement of Purpose
My desire and motivation towards the business field arises from my interest to understand the pillar elements in any business. I would spend my spare time in high school going through the business profiles of top managers and entrepreneurs to get an idea of how they operate. From the studies, I discovered that most of them started their focus on their career early in life. The drive to realize my dream increased from this, and I worked towards achieving excellent grades that would help me attain my goal.
Additionally, having family members that are involved in the running of businesses has served to inspire me to want to achieve more. My aunt owns and runs a childcare center while my cousin owns a beauty salon. Their enterprises have grown over the years and in the process of helping in running some errands, I have learned many business issues. I at times ask myself, how are the various parts of the enterprise connected? And who is the market? These questions and my curiosity in knowing more in this area has also been a significant motivator.
After the completion of my graduate course, I plan to venture into more challenging business areas. My primary aim is to establish and run my company ten years from now, and I believe this is possible to someone with a vision and zeal. I trust that added to my excellent interpersonal skills such as integrity and my exemplary analytical skills, succeeding in this field is possib…

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