Business Plan Part 4

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Business Plan Part 4

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Business Plan Part 4
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Forever Paws Pet Crematory was founded with the simple principle to provide the public with affordable crematory services and emotional support at the time of loss. A competitive analysis of our business reveals that our primary competitors are North Carolina pet Cremation, Charm City Pet Cremation, and Best Friend, Pet Cremation. Forever Paws Pet Crematory boasts of high customer satisfaction where we intend to utilize this aspect to lure more clients to our company. On the other hand, the main weakness of our business is lack of sufficient marketing budget that will be significant in advertising our services and hence reach more customers. The company needs to employee key managers and employees who possess considerable experience in the positions. George Weiss will be our pet loss service manager and brings experience in communal cremation and development of budgetary guidelines. In the future, our company will require to hire an Associate veterinarian manager and a Senior Veterinary Technician.
Keywords: crematory services, pets, competition, strength, weaknesses, employees.

Business Plan Part 4
VI. Competitor analysis
Existing competitors
Competitive profile matrix
Best Friend Pet Cremation Charm City Pet Cremation North Carolina pet Cremation
Critical success factors weight rating Weighted score Rating Weighted score Rating Weighted score
Market share 0.20 4.0 0.80 2.0 0.40 4.0 0.80

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