Business Modeling Report

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Business Modeling Report

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Business Modeling Report

Business Modeling Report
All companies have business models. However, the way companies carry out their operations and how they create their economic value is entirely different. This is because every individual investor has their objectives to achieve in as much as maximization of output is the common goal in each case. Some companies may provide detailed information about business model while others do it in-depth explaining every bit of what it entails.
In this case, the focus is going to be on Unilever and Marks and Spencer (M&S) companies. These are tow recently updated annual reports which are different from the kind of content being directed at the audience (Manuel, 2013). The Marks and Spencer (M&S) company have given generic disclosures that tell people very little about the company. On the contrary, the Unilever Company has outlined information exhaustively which is very helpful to investors. Perhaps we have a glance at each company’s business model in their recent annual reports.
Marks and Spencer (M&S) Company
This is one of the leading retailer companies in the United Kingdom. It is the commitment to ensuring their customers enjoy every moment of their services for them. The company deals in foods, clothes and other households in the close to 1433 retail stores internationally. The following breakdown shows how the report was presented.
The company states how its aim of their food busine…

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