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Business Model

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Business Model
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Business Model
According to the modern business models, there is a way that key functional areas should interact with security in an organization. This paper seeks to explain how one should go about this interaction. The paper outlines the various key functional areas in an organization and their contribution to the organization. The various ways in which security is manifested in business are also covered and how they interact with the functional areas of the firm.
There are several key functional areas that are present in any business organization. These functional areas include; the ICT, marketing, sales, production, research and development, administration, customer services, distribution, finance and human resources. The successful development and growth of a business based on the growth of the specific functional areas of the business. Functional areas can be defined as a grouping of processes or activities in the business unit based on the quest to accomplish one or more tasks CITATION Bel13 l 2057 (Belverd, 2013).
Having a well laid out security plan in one’s organization will help in protecting the business from any physical or data threats, this will eliminate uncertainties like risks from theft and physical violence. Physical security of business is dictated by the physical location of the business, employee count, and the business line. This is related to various functions such as customer services and human …

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