Business Management Couchsurfing

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Business Management Couchsurfing

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Couchsurfing is a networking service accessed through a mobile application or website. People travel the world visiting new places and meeting new people with the aim of socializing. The company began in 2004 between a group of students in Iceland (, 2017, n.p). They came up with the idea that a person could share his or her experiences about where he comes from to other people. A person can also host a friend in his or her home when they come to visit where he or she stays. Currently, there are more than 12 million people across the world in more than 200000 cities connected by this service. Strangers offer each other hospitality and ensure that they have bonded socially to achieve the objective of the group. With the connection, members can efficiently visit places they have dreamt, make friends and leave memories.
There are different principles or values set to ensure that members are always on track and motivated towards achieving the objectives of the company. Some of them include sharing of life experiences where people can tell their various stories that shaped their lives in one way or another. That will help in knowing a person more thus enhancing social cohesion. Another value is curiosity which ensures that members have the drive t…

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