Business major 2

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Business major 2

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Date The role of the government is to create welfare for all the citizenry, business groups, and other parties in a country. However, legislation with good intentions may result in adverse externalities that may have adverse impacts on some people. For instance, lowering taxes increase employment and income but it makes the rich better off than the poor.

One cause of the adverse outcome of legislation that has good intention is the profited-oriented nature of the businesses. The conflicting purpose of the public utilities and a private company has a negative impact on the legislation with positive intentions. A case in point is banning the box to enhance the employability of ex-convicts (Semuels N.P). Private companies are interested in workplace safety and productive workers, which causes the discrimination of the employees suspected to have been in prison based on race. Hence, the difference in goals between government agencies and private businesses creates negative impacts.

The decisions made in the field of politics and economics are faced with unintended outcomes considering the subjects are not scientific. Hence, there is a high systematic flow that favors interest groups in business and politics. The reliance on human inputs and the high margin of error in social sciences explains the negative impacts of policy that intended to create positive results in society. There are also social problems that affect the perception and interpretation of the legislation. For ins…

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