Business Level Strategies

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Business Level Strategies

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Business-Level strategies
The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis of cost-leadership and differentiation business level strategies as used by Harley Davidson Company. The business offers motorcycles and motorcycle accessories. The cost-leadership strategy involves implementing approaches in business areas like sales force and advertising that have minimal cost. Differentiation consists of providing unique products and services, buying experience, or focussing on a specific market segment. This paper shows how Harley Davidson used both cost-leadership and differentiation to gain high profits and competitive advantage. Through cost-leadership, the company can focus on meeting the heavyweight market that uses a motorcycle as a sport of luxury. Through differentiation, the company customizes the motorcycle designs according to the culture of chopper biking and ensure that managers wear biking leather. Also, the paper argues that the company should increase approaches of differentiation and reduce cost-leadership strategies being that the baby boomers are aging and millennial are sensitive on spending. The change will increase the company’s profits and competitive advantage.

Keywords: Cost-Leadership, Differentiation, Competitive Advantage
Business-Level Strategies
Harley-Davidson is among businesses that have gained from the cost-leadership business-level strategy. The strategy involves minimizing costs in crucial business areas l…

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