Business Ethics and Laws

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Business Ethics and Laws

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Business Ethics and Laws:
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Case study 1:
It is evident that most companies that provide buying deals like product warranty face significant challenges. The vice versa is also true to the purchasers who at times do not understand the ethics involved while purchasing an item. Shayna’s situation is very challenging to judge because it is sure that she forgot to pack her new iPad while going to school. The consumer rights and laws regarding warrants state that one is entitled to a replacement when his or her good has a major failure. (Oumlil, 2008). A commodity could also be compensated when it has probable damage. Most prominent companies like Apple should be able to repair gadgets that are not of an acceptable quality. Now, if Shanya was given a 30-day warranty from Best Buy, it is, therefore, important to note that she is free to make all claims as regarded to his gadget. The claims involve whether the iPad meets the expected quality and free from mechanical damages, but all the claims should take place within the agreed period. However, Apple Company has a length warranty period that gives its customers time so that in case they come across defects on their devices they can seek for compensation. (Oumlil, 2008).
Most companies would make arguments against consumers or customers who violet rules concerned with product warranties. For instance, it is never reasonable for a consumer to claim for compensation when his warran…

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