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Merger Plan
A merger plan is a complicated process that most organization never want. Research shows it that a significant percentage of merger plan never achieve their goals and expectations. There can be many reasons, but on many occasions, merger failure is due to incompatibility which should always be examined and developed proactively before the merger. A second factor is a weak leadership because of the power struggle. As a manager of a two-merged organization, the critical elements of the merger plan include equal representation from both organizations in meeting and discussion forums. This means that from each group there will be three members representing the groups. This will be a step towards establishing a strong foundation of trust. Secondly, there will be accountability and problem-solving exhibition. This is to ensure that as a leader and a senior manager, the merger shows a sense of responsibility. It is a step towards solving conflicts and encouraging peaceful co-existence among group members belonging to a different organizational culture. There should be a development of a vision, goal and core values for the merger. This will ensure that all group members and officials work together with an objective of fulfilling the agreed targets.
The major problems faced in the merger include trying to bring together two different organizational cultures. This makes it hard to select the best corporate …

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