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Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery
A business continuity plan is one of the essential components of a company which helps to prevent the occurrence of a threat to the business as well as establishing a recovery plan that will help the industry to recover in a case of an incident. A business continuity plan is, therefore, an essential element of a company’s management (Ferguson, 2018). On the other hand, disaster recovery plan is another vital component of firm management, and it is meant to help the sound lay strategies in which the firm experiences a disaster which may threaten the survival of the company.
While business continuity plan laid all the strategy for the day to day management of a company through providing the daily routine to deal with the potential threats and prevent them from happening. A disaster recovery helps to go to sell with the occurrence of a disaster to a company. All these components are essential for the management of companies. However, for healthcare management, it is necessary to have a business continuity plan rather than a disaster recovery plan.
Having a business continuity plan is necessary for a health case management facility since it provides a possible way of preventing the occurrence of any disaster which may involve a mass loss of life for the facility (Ferguson, 2018). The BCP will help to identify such threats as soon as they a…

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