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Presidential political campaign
Currently, there is a heated campaign for American presidential post, and the candidates are getting the chance to air their manifestos to win the hearts and minds of voters. Various candidates are promising different aspect, for instance, the controversial issue of controlling weapon possession by American citizens.
The campaigns are taking place in the various medium including social media and public televisions as they speak openly concerning their feelings and plans for Americans. They are preparing for the grand election to be held on November 8, 2016.
The presidential candidates are getting support and using their material support as regulated by the American Constitution to perform the campaigns. The target by the campaigns is not only the citizens but other nations who are potential business, partners. The candidates are citizens who believe America needs their personal input to promote the livelihood of American citizens or to fill the gaps in some aspect of American governance.
The candidates come from the two primary parties, the republican and democrats. The political parties are the organization with which the American candidates identify with, as they air their ideas. These are the main parties in America that have always been used as mean by politicians to achieve their plans. For instance, we have Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, who are the most vocal and are takin…

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