Building resilience

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Building resilience

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Building Resilience
Building Resilience
Building resilience both as an individual as well as the community has become a significant subject especially with the increased occurrence of disasters in the society. Resilience is a term that is normally used by psychologist to describe the ability to bounce back and cope with traumatic incidences that have occurred and affected the community (Victorian Council of Social Services, 2017). The focus of this paper is to entirely provide an insight on how to build resilience in communities by describing the skills as well as strategies that can be used in the task. Also, this will provide information on how politics influence resilience and it will also project the federal framework as far as resilience is concerned. The significance of this article is that it will give the reader an idea of the issue of resilience and how they can build resilience in their communities. The information can be used in providing the potential path forward for individuals who are interested in helping their community deal with adversity and traumatic incidences.
Strategies and Skills Required to Build Resilience
There are various ways that one can use to build resilience in their communities. One of the most crucial strategies for achieving this is through building and maintaining a healthy relationship which will help the community to deal with a certain problem together rather than trying to cope as individuals. A…

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