Building Competency in Teamwork and Collaboration

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Building Competency in Teamwork and Collaboration

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Building Competency in Teamwork and Collaboration

In nursing practice, the element of professional communication requires one to practice competence and the ability to establish confidence in the relationship and information shared by two or more professionals. As a good practitioner, one ought to be well prepared and ready to take responsibility to communicate professionalism in nursing practice. I this case, therefore, I ought to have prepared myself very well with the necessary facts knowing that I was to give a report to a nurse who is critical and demeaning. Well, preparedness would help me to be able to present all the information required and be in a position to address the demeaning nurse’s concerns. Having done this, would have presented all the relevant an helpful information regarding Mrs. Jones’ case and as well made a milestone towards establishing confidence and trust between me and the demeaning nurse.
Approaching Mr. Simpson would basically require the appropriate therapeutic communication techniques. Some of the right techniques in this situation include actively listening to him to get his concerns, sharing hope, sharing empathy especially considering he lost his wife and clarifying. Some techniques to avoid include asking personal questions, arguing and providing aggressive responses.
In this case, clarifying and giving hope are the primary techniques to engage. First, I would clarify what the ph…

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