Buddhism and Christianity

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Buddhism and Christianity

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Annotated bibliography: Buddhism and Christianity
Joy, Morny. “The Gifts of Wisdom: Images of the Feminine in Buddhism and Christianity.” Women, Religion, and the Gift. Springer, Cham, 2017. 195-218.
In this article, Joy examines the ideal of wisdom as espoused in Christianity and Buddhism. The specific focus is on Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicism. She reports that in both Christianity and Buddhism, wisdom is seen as being linked to feminine aspects, but “not in any absolute sense.” In both instances, wisdom is viewed as a very prestigious gift, and the author goes ahead to examine the implication of this in greater details.
King, Winston. Buddhism and Christianity: Some Bridges of Understanding. Routledge, 2013
This text presents a short historical survey of Christianity and Buddhism, with the author examining the different doctrines in both the religions. King starts by looking at the Christian understanding of Buddhism before going ahead to compare the concept of love in Buddhism and Christianity. In his comparison of the concept of love in the two religions, King points out that Christianity prides itself on being the religion of love. He adds that for Buddhism, “there is no such overwhelming addiction to the language of love (64).”He also discusses the Christian guilt and Buddhist Dukkha as well as the Christian prayer and Buddhist meditation.
Leloup, Jean-Yves. Compassion and Meditation: The Spiritual Dynam…

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