Breast cancer

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Breast cancer

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Causes of Breast Cancer
Our cells contain DNA that makes up our genes. The genes regulate and control the growth of our cells and cell division. Genes that increases the rate of cell division are known as oncogenes while those that slow down cell division and cause body cells to die are known as a tumor suppressor. Gene mutation in our DNA turns off tumor suppressor or turn on oncogenes genes that may lead to normal breast cells becoming cancerous as Korean breast cancer department data of 2004 using Breast Cancer Registration Program.
A. Inherited gene mutation
Hunt expresses concern that breast cancer can develop because of changes that occur in one’s DNA. The changes may occur in a person’s life or may be inherited from the biological lineage. Gene mutation may occur as s result of environmental exposures like a smoking cigarette, damage from UV light and other unknown reasons. DNA mutations can dramatically raise the chances of developing breast cancer and responsible for several cases of breast cancer that are present in some families (Micha n.p.).
Take an example of BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are tumor suppressors. The gene mutation from these suppressors may be inherited from a parent. Mutations of one of these genes do not suppress any abnormal growth of cells hence breast cancer is likely to arise (Nationwide Korean Breast Cancer n.p.).
Genetic testing may notice women who have inherited gene mutation in the tumor…

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