Breach Operation Aurora

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Breach Operation Aurora

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Google’s 2009 Breach – Operation Aurora

Cybersecurity is an issue that is of significant concern to all organizations. In the current environment where every organization is dependent on technology on different levels, a security breach is not a case of “if” but rather a case of “when.” After a cyber attack, companies might offer explanations to the public about details on the security breach; this might include reports on exposed data to help affected individuals reduce the impact of the incident from their end. For example, if the credit card details got stolen, the customers might be advised to transfer their money to other safer accounts or change their passwords or pins. Organization disclosing details of security breaches also helps other companies to understand the potential risks associated with the issue; this helps in coming up with methods of improving their security. However, when making such public announcements, it is essential to understand what information to disclose and what to conceal. The report below focusses on how Google handled the 2009 Aurora cyber attack.
Keywords: Google, public, cyberattack.

Google’s 2009 Breach – Operation Aurora
After the 2009 Google security breach, on January 2010, Google, through its chief legal officer David Drummond, went ahead and publicly describe the cyber attack; this made Google the first U.S. based company to disclose information on an intrusion originating from …

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