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Brave New World

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Lack of privacy
Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a satire of the today’s society. There are concerns about privacy in the Brave New World, a subject of contention even today. Even though governments convince its people that they are free, they monitor everything the citizens do on the social media platforms. Huxley was foretelling a futuristic society where “privacy was a crime” (Huxley). Therefore, Brand New World has similarities with today’s society where freedom is indirectly averted.
The governments, obviously depending on major corporations for economic stability encourages a consumer society. Therefore, it controls the minds of its people to behave in a certain way. Everyone is expected to be a member of a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or any other. Who does not know that nowadays companies do their marketing online through these platforms? Therefore, being part of the social media family, photos of beautiful shoes, houses, cars, or other commodities will attract a society that likes to possess wealth. The more the people buy these products, the more the companies make a profit and the governments get revenues.
In today’s society, people are always on their electronic devices replying to every post on social media platforms. Some of the applications that pop up on the devices have long texts under policy and regulations. The people in these companies know that nobody would care …

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