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Nonwoven Fabrics Products
As a brand manager in the textile industry, I would prefer initiating the production of Nonwoven Fabrics products. The nonwoven products and markets will reach women and the toddlers since it will entail the production of baby wipes and diapers. The brand positioning of nonwoven fabric products like diapers and wet wipes can be attributed to the fact that they will be washable and reused in the future. This is ideal since most mothers will have to save money from purchasing new diapers. The brand positioning will make it survive best in the competitive textile market since most of the competitors do make diapers that cannot be reused.
The brand research method: the application of online surveys will enable me to get access to quantitative insights from potential customers. Online surveys will make it possible to understand the views of consumers and adjust accordingly. I will also employ the use of workshops for both the employees and consumers of Nonwoven Fabrics products. This will give ideas into the research mix by introducing open-ended questions to gain opinions and responses towards the brand.
How does the brand reach potential customers? The chosen brand will reach the customers through online advertising since we intend to cover global textile markets. This will entail the use of radio, local web, and possibly TV advertisements to capture and retain the customers. Another marketing strateg…

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