Brahms Symphony

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Brahms Symphony

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Brahms’ Fourth Symphony
Reflection on
The symphony developed various emotions among the students. The musical instruments were well organized with fast, slow, high, and low interchangeably. Each style induced different emotions to the students who were listening to it. The beginning of the symphony made the students to have the eager emotions. The emotions were developed for the first one minute. It started with a low and slow play of the musical instruments that made the students attentive and eager to know what would happen later in the music. The eager emotions made the students concentrate.
The 1:10 minute of the music made the student have the energetic emotion. They were moved by the organization of the musical instruments. The play for the instruments was fast indicating that the instrumentalists had put more energy. The process was not abrupt since it gradually changed from the beginning of the presentation. Additionally, the voice of the presentation was also rising after the 1:10 minute. The loud voice also increased the energetic emotions among the students. The energetic emotions made the students to shake their heads and focus on the music to note the rhythmic inclusion of the various musical instruments.
In the 12:30 minute, the students had the astonished emotions. The fast play of the instruments slowed down abruptly, and the students thought that th…

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