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Boys and Girls by Alice Munro
The book ‘Boys and Girls’ by Alice Munro is set in a society where men and women hold different statuses. Men are more important than women because of their differences in gender. Women’s works are very different from men’s. Men go out to work in the farms as women stay indoors to do house chores and take care of the family. This is even though some women do not have it. When women like the narrator decide to work on the farm, they are not appreciated, their place is in the house, doing household duties. Besides, men do not respect women’s decisions. Men are the authority and women are not allowed to question things. Women are secondary to men, and they are expected to behave in a certain way, for instance, they should not slam doors, and they should sit in a certain way that is deemed as well mannered (Munro 532).
An 11-year-old girl who at first dislikes how the society constricts her on what she can or cannot do narrates this book, but she eventually gets accustomed to how the community expects her to behave. The author tells a story of how a society that sees women as lesser than men. This community does not believe in gender equality. She does so by giving a story of how the narrator’s family lives. The narrator’s brother whose name is Laird is given priority over her sister, because of the mere fact that he is a boy. This book is a depiction of what a hierarchical society looks like. …

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