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bounds of science

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The Bounds of science
The word science that has been viewed by many as a branch of knowledge closely linked to philosophy especially during 19th century heavily relies and builds on explanations and predictions. In most instances, science has been trying to explain the universe in such a way that facts are presented and proved beyond reasonable doubt. However, science is a broad body of knowledge with various branches of applied science, natural science and social science as well. Specifically natural science has been closely and almost used interchangeably with philosophy as both tend to explain natural phenomena. Philosophy has been characterized by different researchers as the study of ideas that dwell on knowledge, truth as well as the nature and meaning of life. The definition makes philosophy close to natural science as both try to explain the truth behind events and other natural phenomena’s that occur almost on daily basis. Philosophy can also be viewed as a certain set of ideas and thoughts about knowledge, truth, the type and meaning of life. This is also set of ideas that try to explain how to carry out something or even how to live with it.
In many instances as well mathematics has also been critically viewed as a close associate of both science and philosophy. Regarding definition, mathematics tries to unravel the mystery of hidden patterns and in the process helps to understand better what surrounds…

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