Borderline personality disorder #2

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Borderline personality disorder #2

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Borderline Personality Disorder #2

Personality disorders are conditions that are considered to cause patterns of abnormal behavior in person. A person suffering from the personality disorder is recognized through distressing symptoms which are ranging. However, borderline personality is a common and most frequent personality disorder which is considered to be a serious mental health disease. It is characterized by the range of pervasive patterns such as instability effect of regulation, interpersonal relationship conflicts, impulse control and self-image(Lien et al,2004).. However, this research paper develops an insight of an epidemiology study that highlights the etiology, incidence or prevalence and the secondary symptoms of borderline personality disorder.


Research study shows that the causal factor of borderline personality disorder seems to be complex due to the interaction of several factors in various ways. However, these factors are regarded to involve genetic, neurochemical, neuroanatomical and psychological factors. On the contrary to the context, research study suggests that BPD is found and run in families. This study was facilitated by a research study of biological relatives of these people that are suffering from the particular personality disorder. The research conducted reported that borderline personality disorder is more prevalent among the families that are diagnosed compared to those families that are not diagnosed with the disorder. Moreover…

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