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The Catcher in the Rye
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At first, Holden tends to respect and value Mr. Antolini very much to the extent that he offered Mr. Antolini greater respect than their current lecturer. Holden was optimistic that he would learn much from Mr. Antolini something which didn’t happen after they got into arguments with Mr. Antolini. According to Mr. Antolini’s statement, he was referring to the fact that, however much Holden was having much respect for him, there is one time when Holden would feel frightened about his behaviors, and this would make him sick of human behavior. This statement was in the form of foreshadowing to explain what Mr. Antolini intended to do to the student. Some of the confusing factors that Mr. Antolini was referring to were that moment when he was stroking Holden by the head and when Holden enquires why he says it was nothing. This brought confusion to the Holden just as he had been told before.
In addition, some of the sickening human behavior that Mr. Antolini was referring to were the issues such as the homosexuality that Holden thought of when Mr. Antolini stroked him by the head. This was a strange behavior that Holden didn’t expect to come from someone he considered as his mentor. Furthermore, it was sickening since Mr. Antolini was married and his wife was also in the same apartment where he was making homosexual advances to his former student. And also it was frightening for Holden to realize that the person he h…

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